Anna Fong

User Experience Designer




With the continued growth in digital payments, the bank wanted business owners to have access to tools that could improve the customer’s transaction experience at a physical storefront or a pop up at the local farmers’ market.



Change the process of how bankers share product offerings with business owners, reduce the number of email exchanges requesting for different products, and to stop emailing large size PDF brochures.

flex wireframe
mini wireframe
go wireframe


Gave each POS system their own product page on the website in the Business section. I highlighted the features and benefits along with large images of each product. Some questions I addressed were, what makes this POS better than other products from the competitor, why you need this POS for your business, how using this POS will be an advantage for your business. My pages do not overwhelm the business owner and each page has a clear call to action which leads to a contact form with a banker on the receiving end.

pos products

flex page screenshot
mini page screenshot
go page screenshot


Product Designer
I worked directly with the project manager to define pain points from the old process. I created the new process on how bankers will share these product pages with potential and existing business owners. The wireframes I created were presented to stakeholders and project manager. I worked side by side with the Brand team to superimpose bank brand elements to the product images. The pages were built by a junior team member, and I did the final design review and QA test before shipping.